Random Notes After a Quick, Vicious Beating.

Fifteen games...fourteen quality starts. Fourteen out of fifteen...yet a record of 8-7. That really worries me. We've gone through the rotation three times now. Take a look at the ERA's of our starters:

Jake: 1.64

CY: 5.17

Mad Dog: 2.00

The Wolf: 1.42

Mi Hermano: 1.35

I look at those numbers and I just cannot believe we're sitting a game over .500 right now. It just doesn't even seem possible.

Is it too early to call the Jim Edmonds signing a mistake? He's been a liability on the basepaths and in the outfield. Edmonds was brought here in the hopes that he was healthy enough to regain some of his Gold Glove form of seasons past. He has not. Far too often we're seeing balls landing beyond his reach, over his head, etc. Daniel Ortmeier's game winning double off of Heat? Loney's double off CY in the first inning on Saturday? Tulowitzki's double last night? Those are balls Jim Edmonds was brought here to catch. He can't. I'd rather have Hairy in center and Chase learning his way in left field right now. At least we're doing something for our future with that outfield. Instead we're stagnant with a guy that has no chance of being in the same position in 2009.

Someone mentioned in the open thread last night that Cla had problems when he was brought out for a second inning of work. He's had seven appearances so far in '08. In five of them he worked an inning or less and didn't give up any runs. In the other two where we tried to extend him he has given up runs. Not sure what his career numbers are in that situation, but I did notice these career stats for Cla concerning his pitch count:

Pitch 1-15: 1.44 ERA

Pitch 15-30: 9.00 ERA

But my question is this: With us carrying seven relievers, why was Cla being brought back for the ninth to begin with? Heat hasn't pitched since Sunday. Thatch hasn't pitched since Sunday. Why not throw one of those guys just to show them something different? It was a one run game!

Josh Bard had a tough play at the plate last night. It seemed that he should have caught that throw from Giles and made the tag on Atkins to keep the game tied in the top of the sixth. To quote Matty V, I can't help but wonder if Josh is a man in need of a blow. Since Barrett got hurt in that game against the Giants on April 7th...the Padres have played a total of 69 (giggidy) innings and Josh has caught 62 of them. I'm not saying it has had a negative effect on him yet, but eventually it's going to. If Buddy doesn't trust Colt with a start, isn't it time to bring in a vet that we can trust?

Other than that, things are pretty good. Jack's getting big, smiling a lot. Riley kicked ass in her Trike-A-Thon on Tuesday. WG promised to take me dancing tomorrow night. Pretty quiet at work. You?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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