Please share your Padres Memories


I was emailed a request.  AT&T is creating an Ad for the next Padres magazine and they want your input.

"We're writing an ad all about the Padres and what it means to be a Padres fan. We're trying to get as much insider-die-hard-true fan info as we can. Tell me everything you love about them, childhood memories. Best moments, worst moments, cheers, sayings, songs, mascots, what the it was like going to the old park, the new park...

Local stuff, rivals, phrases-- If someone was doing a documentary about the Padres and their fans, what would HAVE to be in there? Don't worry about editing yourself, just spew out as many different details/plays/stories/heartbreaks--- what makes you different and better than other fans of other teams...."

First thing I think of when I think of the Padres is Tony Gwynn in the old brown uniforms.  Watching him gain weight and rake. 

Best Moments: Everything leading up to the 1984 World Series.  Cub busting and Steve Garvey's home run. Caminiti's MVP.  Tony Gwynn's Batting titles.  Tony Gwynn's induction into the Hall of Fame.  Jerry Coleman's induction into the Hall of Fame.  The '96 season ending series in LA.  Chris Gwynn's double.  Rickey Henderson setting records every at bat.  Carlos Hernandez showing up dressed all in black leather for Tony Gwynn's retirement.

Songs:  Tim Flannery's "Secret World", Buck-O-Nine's "My Town"

Mascots:  Bizarre but awesome mascots like the San Diego Chicken and to a lesser extent Franken Friar.  A more normal mascot the Swinging Friar and his weird family that shows up in different costumes.

 Worst moments: When Caminiti died.  When Mike Darr died.  When we found out that Caminiti was a steroid user.  When Rosanne sang the National Anthem.  When Mark Langston's pitch right down the middle was called a ball and his next pitch ended up in the seats.  Getting swept in the '98 World Series.  The playoffs the last few years.  Bochy leaving for SF after so many years.  Saying goodbye to the Murph forever.     Tony Gwynn's retirement.

Bitter Sweet moments: When Caminiti came clean about his steroid use.  When Caminiti took the field after he retired and he thought the fans would boo him, but instead they cheered.  When Nevin and Klesko carried Mike Darr's son out onto the field on their shoulders.

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