This site sucks now!

And you are to blame. Yes, you. YOU, dear reader.

This site used to be a place where Wiggins could come and harass some nice, friendly people. smoothjazzman, jessemundo, fairweather. Ah, how Wiggins misses making them angry (although fairweather is still here and cool, but he can still bih! of course).

Now this place is full of bags of the douche variety. Stop being losers, people! Nobody cares about your myspace pages or stupid comments. You're all making Wiggins look like Dex, for crying out loud.

So, to reiterate, don't make this site suck. If you keep up your moronic postings, pretty soon will be in the same league as such horrendous sites as those run by NAMBLA and Bill O'Reilly.

Wiggins has good information stating that both Dex and jbox (and even Johnny "No Tears" Dub) have cried themselves to sleep many a night recently because this site sucks.

In short: DON'T MAKE THIS PLACE SUCK. If you are part of the problem, it's time to knock it off and become a part of the solution.

BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!

Also, Wiggins hates the Dodgers.

Also also, Wiggins was caught looking at a woman's butt today at the grocery store. He was purchasing a Diet Caffiene Free Pepsi 20 oz bottle and couldn't help but notice the rear end of the "Not Quite a MILF" in front of him. She was wearing short shorts and her rear end was hanging out just a little bit. She wasn't in that great of shape, so it was kind of flabby, but yet Wiggins couldn't pull his eyes away. Wiggins thought, "Avert gaze! The woman will notice!" but it was too late... she turned around and made a scene. "DO YOU MIND?" she screamed. Wiggins scrambled. "Mind...what?" "DO YOU MIND NOT LOOKING AT MY ASS? THANK YOU. PERVERT." Wiggins turned beat red. He tried to get out a "bitch" under his breath but only sputtered. He stood there, stunned, then placed down the Pepsi and walked out.

Wiggins is thirsty.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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