Rollins defends umps, Ruiz admits he screwed up, Milton plans on ticking people off like T.O.

So I watched the little Giles/Ruiz scuffle bench clearing incident and later came home to read some quotes on what the players had to say about it.  I read the summary and it was pretty interesting, Giles explained that he thought it was a dirty slide because he didn't even hit the ground before coming in, and Maddux agreed saying that it was a dirty slide.  I respect Giles' opinion especially because part of the quote says that he respects players that slide hard into second and he loves sliding hard into second, but theres a difference between hard and dirty.  The Padres article discussed how it fired the team up and how Bradley thought the park was a joke cuz he thought he broke his bat on his first homer, all interesting comments.  

But after watching the video clip on the padres website, which featured the ridiculous phillies announcers stating that they thought there was nothing wrong with the slide, I decided to check out the recap...and this recap was much more interesting.  

Here are a few quotes i found very interesting from the Phillies article:

1."For his part, Ruiz agreed that the unintentional charge was an aggressive error in judgment, but he explained that he was just trying to break up a double play.

"That's part of the game," Ruiz said. "He thought I came in a little high. I saw the replay, and yeah. ... He was still on the base, so ... I [told him] I was trying to break up the double play."

2. This quote from Jimmy Rollins gives me a lot more respect for him...

"I spoke with [Welke] and he said [Ruiz] was in the air," said Jimmy Rollins, who, as an infielder, has a lot of experience with tough slides. "If he was on the ground, it's a clean play. You have to respect the ump for making that call, because he's looking out for the other team, keeping the game clean. Although it wasn't a dirty play intentionally, he was just trying to break up the play and get in deep; that's what we're trained to do. He just happened to get a step too far."

3. This may be the best quote which the phillies got, but it was left out of the Padres article:

"People were talking," Bradley said. "That [slide] made me more focused, more into the game. For the next few days, they can call me T.O. [Terrell Owens], because I'm going to be [ticking] some people off."

T.O? haha i love miltons shit talking but that was pretty random, at least hes real fired up.  He seems like a great team guy, if something like that can piss him off he has a lot of pride in the team and is a real team player, I love that about him.

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