Sandy Alderson Interview

People wanted me to give a summary of the Alderson interview today so here it is. There was a lot more but this was only a summary of an hour long interview.

I was kind of zoning in and out but this is what I remember:

  1. Sandy is not mad at Jake for discussing the stuff he did
  2. Jake gave Sandy a heads up about what he had said before it got relseased; Sandy wasnt mad
  3. There is no 'right' time to talk about contracts
  4. Mexico brings the Padres no revenue
  5. The payroll will increase to $70 mil by the end of the year
  6. Now is not the time to extend Jake but it is not out of the question
  7. Seattle's TV revenue is 6 times that of the Padres (thats why they can sign Ichiro. He said this because people are asking "Why can Seattle sign Ichiro but the Padres cant sig Jake?" Becasue Seattle and SD are kinda similar
  8. Alderson has won a Championship before on a team that did not have the biggest payroll
  9. The Padres payroll is like 26 in the rankings
  10. Moores just gave the Padres $14 million CASH.. and will give $2 million more
  11. Smaller contracts are better
  12. Giants with Zito and Bonds are almost burdened by the large contracts
  13. Jake timing wont hurt the mood of the clubhouse
  14. "If we dont have a good team, if we dont have a good product, then we dont have good customers" -Alderson
  15. Big people bring big revenue (uhh...Jake?)
  16. Padres have very loyal fans but they need to remember we are not in the same market as NY and Boston. But he will try to give us the best.
  17. Love to have a higher run producing lineup
  18. There is no one in this market more eager to make change (ie: attain new people)
  19. Someone came on the phone questioning, just like Jake, the managements eagerness to win a championship. They mentioned competitiveness and how in 98 we were promised being really competitive and how we havent gotten it
  20. Sandy is a little disappointed with the last two years because we didnt win the championship but is proud of how far they came
  21. Marcus is still on the team because he plays good defense. There is a commitment to the chemistry of the team, he is good for it I guess.  Marcus can still be productive.
  22. Ahead 100,000 in atttendance this year
  23. Lost money since moving to Petco because of the interest and debt from Qualcomm
  24. Khalil's personality hasn't change and is appealing to fans
  25. They take fans interest into account when making deals
  26. Khalil at shortshop is excellent
  27. If people think they are gonna be in the market for a $130 million dollar player, they are mistaken. No way.
  28. If the Cubs think that signing Soriano and Zambrano for that kinda money will win them their first world series since the American Revolution, maybe thats why they havent won a WS.
  29. The payroll for the Padres wont be up to $130 million anytime soon but it is not out of the question
Thats it. He was getting a lot of crap from caller and being called out a lot.

In the beginning he was kind of arrogant and aggrivated but cooled down in the end.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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