More reasons to hate/laugh at Bonds

Here are a few more gems from the Love Me, Hate Me ongoing book report:

  • Barry used to get batting gloves for free while he was in the minors and living off his $150k signing bonus. His poor teammates would gather around the box, hoping for a freebie.  Bonds would only offer to sell his surplus.  $8 a pop.
  • Liked to sit alone in front of the TV during college and laugh out loud to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
  • Teammates complained when Bonds "borrowed" their shirts cause he sweated like a pig.
  • Wouldn't attempt to throw runners out at home while scouts were in the stand for fear of revealing  his sub par arm.
  • Barry took naps in the clubhouse instead of warming up and BP.  The team attendant changed the clock on him and yelled, "Mr. Bonds, the game!".  He charged out on the field in a panic, only to have his whole team laugh at him.  He didn't speak to anyone for 3 weeks.
  • After calling Dave Parker an old man, jokingly, Parker responded, "Listen ass-wipe, I was making all star games when you were in your daddy's stroller".  
  • He does a mean Billie Jean impression and can mimic Stevie Wonder.
  • Complained to Dusty Baker that he was incognito in all black and a dark motorcycle helmet, but people still bothered him.  He couldn't figure out how they knew it was him.  Dusty walked him out to the motorcycle, which had Bonds 25: 3 Time MVP painted across the body.  Said, "You can't have it both ways."
  • After casually running from third to home and getting thrown out at the plate, Andy Van Slyke was fed up with Bonds poor play and confronted him.  Bonds shoved Van Slyke. Van Slyke punched Bonds in the nose.  7 Teammates jumped in, not to stop the fight, but to get their punches in too. Those that couldn't get in in time yelled, "Throw one for me too!"  Bonds later complained to a writer that he was lonely in the clubhouse.
  • Bonds married a stripper that many other baseball players dated.  He used to be teased that everyone in the MLB had seen his wife naked before he did.
  • Boo and  YAH Update [2007-3-25 18:39:48 by thenerdhater]:: Two more:

    1. Bonds first choice when he was a free agent leaving the Pirates? The Padres. Only problem is, the Padres didn't even bother to offer him a contract. Wasn't worth the hassle.

    2. Sharing spring training facilities with the Padres in 93, Padre outfield Phil Plantier was in the cage. Bonds politely asks Plantier to leave. Plantier yells, "F-Off. I'm in here, you can't talk like that in my house. I've been in the league too long to take shit from a punk ass like you". Bonds then bitch slapped Plantier with the back of his em to leave. From that point on, the rest of the Giants decided that was the attitude they needed to have against rival teams.

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