Wiggins on...Saturday's game

Wiggins went to the game Saturday, despite being "banned" from Petco Park. Ah, how are they gonna check, anyway?

But here are some observations from Wiggins for you all:

  • It was Military Night. Wiggins didn't appreciate being spit on by a parachuter! Wiggins tells no lie. Wiggins was watching with binoculars and one of the guys was SPITTING as he was coming down. Not a few seconds passed before Wiggins felt something damp on his forehead. It could have been some drizzle, since it was spritzing a little around that time, but the consistency was more like saliva. Wiggins was appalled, but he knows the parachuter couldn't have possibly aimed at Wiggins, could he?
  • Young sucked. Hard. Why Bochy let that guy pitch more than halfway through the second inning when he was getting SHELLED is beyond Wiggins. In fact, the entire Padres pitching sucked. Did anyone else notice the look of disbelief and frustration when Piazza had to block the THIRD WILD PITCH of the night? Wiggins thought Piazza was about to throw down his glove and leave the field. Poor guy.
  • Buying food from the snack bar is horrible. Wiggins went to get a pretzel during the top of the 4th inning and all he found was complete incompetence. The lazy lady mosied all the way to where the pretzels are only to slowly mosey back and say, "We ain't got no salt." WE. AIN'T. GOT. NO. SALT. Wiggins might speak in the third person, but at least he can speak correctly. Wiggins told the rude lady he'd take the pretzel, even with no salt. Is it Wiggins imagination, or was buying snacks about 1,000,000% better at the Q? Who are these morons they have working the snack bars at Petco? Wiggins proposes Petco starts paying people...oh, Wiggins doesn't know... something MORE THAN A FREE VOLUNTEER SALARY and hire people who know what they're doing. There is no reason for the slow, rude, incompetent service. Wiggins was not alone in his dislike of the snack bar. The woman behind Wiggins was complaining about her hot chocolate. Apparently they just use a mix and pour hot water over it. But it seems they ran out of hot water. "We got chocolate, but we ain't got no hot." Both salt and hot water must've been in short supply on Saturday.
  • Booing is lame. Wiggins is so over that. So what if Mets fans are chanting "Let's Go Mets!"? Why boo them? It makes Padres fans sound like babies. "We can't think of a better cheer to retaliate, so we'll boo." How about we Padres fans take a lesson from the Japanese and many other overseas baseball fans and let the stadium ring with catchy, high energy cheers that get the crowd and the team pumped up?
  • Nady... yeah, that was a good player to give up. :-(
  • It was a tough loss. But hey, Wiggins is happy that at least the Pads came back to win today (Sunday). Go Padres!

    This FanPost was written by a member of the Gaslamp Ball community and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Gaslamp Ball managers or SB Nation.

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