Soriano vs. Beltre vs. Gonzalez vs. Cameron

I just put this post on an old thread and reprinted it here in an effort to generate more hot stove discussion.

Here's some 2006 stats of two of the free agent names that we've thrown around here on previous threads, compared to two of the more productive Padres from this past season. I'll let someone else slap together career stats and projected stats if all 4 had the same number of at-bats since Soriano has nearly 100 more ABs over Cameron. Richard, I am looking in your general direction because you always manage to put together some crazy stats like OPS for night games with the temperature between 75 and 80 degrees after the clubbie has filled the Gatorade tub with Fierce Grape and the chosen player's toenails have been clipped within the past 33 hours.  Also, keep in mind where these guys bat in the line-up.

I am not putting A-Rod on here because we both know that ain't gonna happen.

A-Gonz  570
Soriano 647
Cameron 552
Beltre  620

A-Gonz  .304
Soriano .277
Cameron .268
Beltre  .268

A-Gonz  .355
Cameron .353
Soriano .351
Beltre  .328

Soriano .560
A-Gonz  .500
Cameron .482
Beltre  .465

Soriano .911
A-Gonz  .855
Cameron .835
Beltre  .793

Soriano 46
Beltre  25
A-Gonz  24
Cameron 22

Soriano 95
Beltre  89
Cameron 83
A-Gonz  82

Soriano 119
Cameron 88
Beltre  88
A-Gonz  83

Soriano 41/17
Cameron 25/9
Beltre  11/5
A-Gonz  0/1

Cameron 34/9
Soriano 41/2
Beltre  39/4
A-Gonz  38/1

Soriano 160
Cameron 142
Beltre  118
A-Gonz  113

A-Gonz  24
Beltre  15
Cameron 8
Soriano 3

Cameron .349/.461
A-Gonz  .322/.420
Soriano .197/.380
Beltre  .155/.318
       Well, lookee here. Our Padres are a little more clutch with 2 outs with runners on 2nd and 3rd.

I cannot guarantee if the stats are exactly right as I toggle between screens. (And, yes, it is an extremely slow day at work) It is also worth noting that Soriano's power numbers dropped after the all-star break, whereas Beltre and A-Gonz did better during the second half of the season. And here's a good analysis of all the free agents (including pitchers).

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