Gaslamp Ball Pizza Feed

You may have noticed that ads get run on this site. As I type, there's a picture of Lance Armstrong and an athletic little tush telling me that ladies in bikinis are a better uniform that the Padres camo unis. That's debatable, but I digress.

You may wonder about the ad revenue. Well, let me tell you, it's not much. Jbox and I have agreed to split it 50/50 with kev getting 9% and Jon somehow insisting that he gets another 9% and any game tickets that people offer us. So 118% of the money is already accounted for.

The thing with the ad revenue. It doesn't even pay out until you get to a certain point. They hang on to the money for you and keep it safe. What if you give up on your blog before reaching that magic threshold? I guess they give the money to Hulk Hogan, because as the ad says, Hogan knows best.

Not our money though. We finally achieved the threshold. It's taken four months, but here we are. Sometime last week we got enough in the way of ad revenue to actually see a payout. How much? Well, I'll tell you.

$84. It's actually a little closer to $85. It's $84.84.

That's right. Eighty-four... Eighty-four. Any reader of this blog will immediately see the magical nature of our payout. If you don't know. '84 was the year that our beloved Padres first went to the World Series. And it's not just the dollars. The cents even repeat the number. Almost like a chant. Eighty-four! Eighty-four!

It's a little chilling, the message in the numbers. When I first saw the tally, I knew what Kevin Costner felt that fateful day on his Iowa cornfield. The message was simple. Spend the money on your readers.

It's effing insane, I know.

Granted, we probably won't do this every time. But this first time, with the numbers sending such a clear message, and with us being so superstitious, spending the money on the readers seemed like a good idea at least this time around. Don't expect it the next time unless the payout ends up being something like $98.98.

So we're going to have a pizza feed. It's not set in stone. I don't think we'd even get paid until sometime in August, so we have time to plan. All I know is the tentative plan is for us to spend $84.84 on pizza and then make you people eat it. We're going to invite everybody we know, and there will be a secret word that will get you pizza if we don't know your face. We'll have to figure out something for our out of town readers. We haven't forgotten you.

How does everybody feel about that? That sound good? Oh and our 100th registered reader is gz. Welcome! Also welcome to tcwhiz, PrimateWrangler, VA Padre Fan and mchimp1 for all officially becoming Gaslamp Ballers. Looking forward to reading you in the diaries and comments.

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