Draft Day! (eh.)

I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. And maybe this is the media poisoning my mind... But I'm not that into the baseball draft. As far as I can tell, these are a bunch of guys who, for the most part, still need four years. To me, it's like the NBA recruiting guys out of middle school.

OK, maybe it's not that bad, but you understand my point. There's so much development that goes on when guys get their first opportunity to play with and against other really good players. Not to mention the guys that come straight out of high school. At least the college guys in big programs get to play in front of respectable crowds.

That being said, I am a little curious to see who the Padres draft today, if only so that I can adopt one of them and wait for them to show up 3 years from now in the bullpen or as a backup infielder. So here are some links:

Let us know if anything cool happens.

Update [2005-6-7 12:59:49 by Dex]: OK. I kinda take it back. I just opened up MLB.com's draft stuff and it looks fun. I'm getting a little bit excited. I'll update as we go.

Update [2005-6-7 13:9:46 by Dex]: D'Backs select Justin Upton. Follow along with John Sickels right here. Or follow along with me in the comments.

Update [2005-6-7 13:36:54 by Dex]: Padres select RHP Cesar Carrillo out of U of Miami. Scouting report on Carrillo: Physically similar to Tom Glavine. Fastball. Curveball. Can change speeds on both. Circle change.

Update [2005-6-7 14:5:56 by Dex]: Padres have started a theme now with their next pick: Cesar Ramos, LHP out of Cal State Long Beach. My explanation for this. There are two new TV series coming up about Rome. Padres media is getting ready to have at least one hot ace named Cesar so they can use all the new footage on the jumbotron in 3 years. HAIL CEASAR!

Update [2005-6-7 14:12:13 by Dex]: Here's Cesar Ramos' resume. Looks like a solid pickup. He's majoring in kinesiology, so I'm guessing that not only is he aware of his arm mechanics, he's probably a good dancer as well.

Update [2005-6-7 14:35:43 by Dex]: Padres select Chase Headley out of University of Tennessee. Chase (known to his friends as Cesar), was valedictorian of his high school. Sean Burroughs was immediately quoted as saying, "Well I won the Little League World Series singlehanded! Plus, my glove is where triples go to die! Are all your books and calculators the place where triples go to die?"

Update [2005-6-7 14:35:43 by Dex]: I just finished writing about Chase and now Padres have picked Nick Hundley, catcher out of Arizona. I'm having trouble finding a bio for our new backstop.

Padres picks so far: Cesar, Cesar, Headley, Hundley. Ginger-bread is sweet and crumbly.

Update [2005-6-7 15:49:31 by Dex]: With the 98th pick, Padres select Josh Geer, RHP out of Rice. Let's find out more about Geer. Hmmmm... Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens are his favorite ballplayers. He likes Linkin Park and 99 cent value meals... He looks like a troublemaker. I'm glad he's on our side, though John Sickels suggests he's overrated.

Update [2005-6-7 15:49:31 by Dex]: More reading on Cesar Carrillo. Looks like he was hoping to play for his home team White Sox. Hopefully, he'll take a liking to San Diego. Thanks to Victor for the link.

Update [2005-6-7 16:8:44 by Dex]: Next pick is Michael Baxter out of Vanderbilt. Here's a GIS for "Michael Baxter". Apparently, Baxter is in his 40s and bears a striking resemblance to Steven Spielberg. One of the obvious dangers of the Moneyball mentality is ending up with guys who post great numbers, but are actually 40-something Spielberg lookalikes.

Update [2005-6-7 16:29:27 by Dex]: Padres next pick: SS, John Johnston.

There once was a short stop, John Johnston
Who played for the Longhorns of Austin
Picked by San Diego
But Khalil is en fuego
He'd rather have been picked by Boston.

Had to finish the rhyme. Not to start any rumors. I'm sure Johnston is perfectly happy being selected by the Pares.

Update [2005-6-7 17:16:59 by Dex]: RHP Neil Jamison out of Cal State Long Beach and outfielder William Venable out of Princeton have been selected by the Padres.

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