Gaslamp Ball AV Club: Oh Say Can You Sing?

At Friday night's game vs the Cubs, there was a piece about Scotty Linebrink on the Oh Say Can You Sing? CD. I've got the CD, and I'll tell you, I recommend it highly, especially if you enjoy your music a little bit country, though there's something here for everyone. Here are the notes I wrote when I listened to it the first time. Sorry if they're disjointed.


Ben Broussard. U2's With or Without You. Country twang. Real good.

Sean Casey. Toby Keith's How Do You Like Me Now? Maybe a little too country for me. He belts out the chorus nicely though. Skip ahead...

Jeff Conine. Stone Temple Pilot's Plush. Falling victim a little bit to the cover trying too hard to be the original syndrome. 311 did that recently with something. That song from 50 First Dates. The production doesn't really compliment him. Skip ahead...

Coco Crisp. Rapping. Good hook. Human beatbox could use a little work. [editor's note, by Dex] I later found out that Ben Broussard from the first track is the one actually laying down the beatbox.

Matt Ginter on the banjo. I love me a good banjo. Dooley by the Dillards. Oh man, I'm really liking this. I'm telling you. I love me a good banjo. This one's going on the iPod. His brother is singing lead. He's got a good voice. I'm not even kidding. Best so far. I'm tempted to listen to it again, but we move on...

Aubrey Huff singing Letters from Home by John Michael Montgomery. Aubrey's got a real good voice. This one's nice too. Understated. I like the ones without too much production. I'd go with real violins next time though instead of synth. Or heck, just leave them out. His voice would hold up with two guitars and a drum kit.

Scott Linebrink! Wave on Wave by Pat Green. Hooray for Scotty! Man, I'm glad Scott Linebrink's is good. I would've been embarrassed for him if it wasn't.

Jimmy Rollins is hot. Seriously. He's got crazy flow.

Ozzie Smith channels Sam Cooke for his rendition of Cupid. He's very good, though Jon and jbox laughed when I played it for them. I'm not sure why as I thought it was really good.

Omar Vizquel singing Broadway by the Goo Goo Dolls? His accent makes me laugh, but he's actually pretty good.

Kelly Wunsch. Hurts So Good. Rounds out the CD nicely.


Having listened to all the songs a few times now, I'll tell you that six out of the eleven songs sound very professional. I wouldn't be surprised if Ben Broussard, the Ginters, Scott Linebrink, Aubrey Huff, or Jimmy Rollins got radio airplay. I'm not even kidding. The rest of them (besides Conine's) are surprisingly good. Conine's being the one clunker in the bunch, though it is good in that "so bad it's good" kinda way.

They're selling it at the Padres store right now and part of the proceeds go to the players favorite charities, and it's honestly good, so I'd recommend picking it up.

Read more about it here

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