Radio show

This morning, in an effort to get more positive karma over to the Padres, I taped a segment for BaseballMuse Radio, Brandon Wilson's weekly radio show that airs online at HealthyLife's motto is "Where Positive People & Radio Unite". After two disappointing Padres losses, being on a positive, holistic online radio station seemed like the perfect way to achieve a little more balance and a little less annoyance with the team that we all know and love. Actually, ever since the Dave Roberts incident I've reaffirmed my vow to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to me. So when Brandon e-mailed and asked me to talk Padres, I said sure. The positive and holistic healthy part of it was icing. The cake being the radio show.

Online radio
Talking Padres with the Muse
Let the karma flow

The show airs on Saturday at 10:00am Central Daylight Time which means, what... 9 o'clock here on the coast? I'm going to apologize right off if I sound bad. I wasn't real nervous, but I did have the bright idea to drink a Diet Coke before the segment, thinking that it would focus my mind and hone my wit like the deadly edge of a samurai sword. Unfortunately, all it really did was give me the burps.

When you have to talk
Don't go drinking Diet Coke
As it makes you burp

Then, to make matters worse, I was trying to find a quiet spot to talk, and the spot I picked had an echo. So I may sound like I'm doing my "Sandy Alderson, From On High" impersonation, but actually, it was poor positioning on my part.

Poor planning in life
Sometimes will lead you to doom
Other times, echo

No more excuses though! I'm hoping it went well. If you listen to the show and they don't run my segment, then you'll know that it was because the BaseballMuse isn't the kind of place where you're allowed to burp loudly into a phone and have it echo. If the segment does run, then go easy on me. I know there's a lot of boobirds out there, but booing me won't help. I don't respond well to the boos.

Listen to the show
Be careful not to boo me
I am sensitive

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