Tuesday links

A bullet list load of links to look over.

  • Ducksnorts went to a SurfDawgs game on Monday and posted pictures. I wish I had taken photos when I went because it was an interesting experience.

  • Fellow blogger and faithful reader, Richard B. Wade has signed on to be a contributor at Beyond the Box Score. Enjoy his writing and analysis there as well as on his own blog. (Did you get the "faithful" reference? That's what we call a "play on words" in the bidness.)

  • Tomorrow's the last day to make a reservation for the Padres Pizza Feed. I thought I had mentioned this before, but I guess it slipped through my mind's cracks. Kevin Towers will be speaking before the game and they'll feed you pizza and give you a ticket for a seat. All for right around $20. Jonny Dub and I are going. You should go too.

  • I don't have a link, but in the most recent issue of ESPN the magazine (the one with Manu Ginobili on the cover), there's a great article about Jake Peavy. All about his roots and how he got to where he is. Very well written and another cog in the mechanism to get the Padres to become America's Team. It'll happen. Just you wait and see.

  • Also, if you weren't paying attention, we swept the Giants over the weekend. I was glad we did too, considering the last time the Padres played the Giants Felipe Alou was making pitching changes with a 7 run lead in the 9th inning and two outs. You may attribute it to the begginings of senility in old man Alou... I say he did it to be a punk and that's why he deserves to have his team swept.
More as the day progresses.

Update [2005-5-31 14:6:58 by Dex]: More:
  • John Sickels is hosting a mock draft with readers acting as GMs for each team. SDBaseballfan is acting as GM and has a diary up to suggest and discuss potential picks for the Padres to make. Peter from Padres MVN and LynchMob have been helping SDBaseballfan out. Let your voice be heard, if you're so inclined.

Update [2005-5-31 14:34:7 by jbox]:

Burroughs may not have a spot in the lineup when he gets healthy again.

In what could be a sign of things to come, Padres manager Bruce Bochy said Geoff Blum would stay in the lineup, even when regular third baseman Sean Burroughs becomes healthy. "Right now," Bochy said, "I would not change the lineup at this point."
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